Mereville Trust, Manufacturers of Aroma Product

Abundant & rich with fragrant flowers, diverse plants & trees, nature is at her best in Auroville. Her lush greens and rife colours, exuberant scents and sweet aromas, delight our soul and thrill our senses

The incense sticks and essential oils, first manufactured by Mereville Trust in 1994, reflect and reproduce this magical atmosphere of Auroville and allow us to experience and enjoy it. We do not involve any child labour in our production activities. We involve the villagers of nearby villages in our production facilities. We contribute towards development of Auroville.

The best essential oils, the finest aromatic extracts as well as roots, resins, flowers and herbs are carefully selected with great insight and expertise.

Our range of products consist of incense sticks, incense cones, scented candles, essential oils for aromatherapy & massage, natural mosquito repellants in the form of incense sticks & coils & lotions. We also prepare gift items consisting of the above items & incense holders & aroma diffusers. Our incense paste is prepared using vegetable, non-toxic extracts, hand-rolled on bamboo sticks following an ancient tradition. All our packing is from natural products and is biodegradable. Our products are exported to many countries as well as sold in India. We would like to partner with chain stores, spas, importers & bulk purchasers.

The peaceful and pleasing atmosphere created by burning our incense and cones, encourages meditation and relaxation. Our essential oils have the rare quality of letting your body, mind and spirit experience a deep sense of well-being, beauty and pleasure. The varied fragrances have the power to transport you to wonder-lands of imagination and dreams. They can induce feelings of profound peace, remove all strain and stress. They can also help you recall tender moments of love and joy. Above all, these essential oils, through their aroma, radiate the beauty, purity and tranquility of Auroville.

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