Aromatherapy Incense
Aromatherapy Incense

Aromatherapy Incense

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The basic composition of the Essence Aromatherapy Natural Incense is a proportioned mixture of powders produced by grinding exotic woods, herbs, roots and resins. Aromatherapy Natural Blends are added to the paste made out of this mixture of botanical powders, and the paste is then rolled by hand onto a bamboo stick. 

Burning this specially-crafted incense stick diffuses aroma in the atmosphere and lets you experience pleasure and lightness. It can also influence your emotions, removing depression and soothe strained nerves. 

Essence Aromatherapy Natural Incenses are scented with the same 12 fragrances as the Aromatherapy Natural Blends.


1    Christmas Eve

2    Concentration

3    Himalayan Forest

4    Indian Summer

5    Joy

6    Meditation

7    Ocean Breeze

8    Quietude

9    Repose

10  Romance

11  Strength

12  Vitality

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