Chakra incense
Chakra incense

Chakra incense

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Seven major chakras or energy centers are believed to exist, located within the subtle body but with corresponding points of the physical body. The function of the chakras is to draw in energy from the cosmos and to keep the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of the body in balance. The Chakras generate and store energy, and are also considered the focal points for the reception and transmission of energies. In various spiritual disciplines, it is believed that meditating on these centers stimulates & harmonizes various life forces.

Our Chakra incense Series consists of blended IFRA standerd perfume oils to help activate these seven Energy Centers or Chakras. This series is a potent blend of oils.

For your reference we state below the details of the energy centers and the specific blend of essential oils which will help to heal and regain the balance of a particular part or point which is in distress or where the disease is centered.

  1. Crown (Top of the head)  --   Sahasrara
  2. Brow or Third Eye (centre of the forehead) -- Ajna
  3. Throat    -- Vishuddha
  4. Heart     --  Anahata
  5. Solar Plexus  (navel area)   -- Manipura
  6. Sacral (end of spinal cord)  -- Swadhishthana
  7. Base or Root   -- Muladdhara 


1.  Ajna

2 . Anahata

3.  Manipura

4 . Muladdhara

5 . Sahasrara

6 . Swadhishthana

7 . Vishuddha

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