ZEN Incense
ZEN Incense

ZEN Incense

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Zen philosophy aims at training the mind through meditation. It also aims at the pursuit of beauty and virtue. Zen training ultimately leads at the discovery of one’s true nature. Zen practice brings about clarity of mind, a heightened awareness of daily experiences, provides new perspective and leads to enlightenment. 

The Zen series incense sticks are used as an aid to meditation. These mystic incense sticks, by their aroma, soothe the senses and create a serene and peaceful atmosphere conducive to meditation and spiritual awakening. 

The six fragrances of Zen Incense Series, help different states of consciousness.


1    Camphor

2    Frankincense

3    Jatamansi

4    Juniper

5    Myrrh

6    Sambrani

7    Sandal

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