Aromatherapy, Essence, Incense, Aroma, Fragrance

These words evoke a sense of peace, beauty, light, freshness & elevate our mood.

The common & essential ingredients that go into the manufacturing of incense, aromatherapy oils, essential oil enriched massage oils & perfumed candles are essential oils and natural essences. In all our products, we use pure, natural and only the best of ingredients.

Our manufacturing unit & office are situated at Auroville, near Pondicherry, India, at the heart of Nature. We are surrounded by over 1 million trees and plants, truly a gold mine of biodiversity. Inspired by the loveliness of our entourage, we work and produce in a serene, peaceful, beautiful and refreshing atmosphere.


Our products, when in use, reproduce the same freshness, relaxed and contemplative mood.

The purity & perfect blending of all ingredients & essential oils, enables us to bring to you the very luxurious, fragrant & peaceful ambience of paradise itself, through our products.

Essences & Essential oils are used for: Air fresheners, Bathing, Compresses, Recipes for creams & lotions, Floral waters, Foot & Hand baths, Hair care, Jacuzzis, Massage oils, Sauna, Shower, & Vaporization.

We invite boutiques, chain-stores, departmental stores, spas, dealers & importers to partner with us. For your bulk, wholesale & regular requirements, please contact us

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