Blends of Essential Oils
Blends of Essential Oils

Blends of Essential Oils

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Essential Oils
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The synergistic combination of essential oils aims to nourish and uplift the subtle level of mind, body and spirit.The twelve blended oils, in 10 ml bottles, have all been diluted with sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and wheat germ oil. They can be used in the preparation of specific massage oils, be poured into the bathtub or room diffuser, be directly inhaled or be used in any other way suggested by aromatherapy.


1    Christmas Eve

2    Concentration

3    Himalayan Forest

4    Indian Summer

5    Joy

6    Meditation

7    Ocean Breeze

8    Quietude

9    Repose

10  Romance

11  Strength

12  Vitality

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