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What are soap shells? 

These soap shells are harvested in South India from the 15 meters high soap tree (Sapindus trifoliatus). Its fruits are called soap nuts and contain saponin a natural an active cleaning agent that in contact with water will keep your laundry clean and fresh. 

Safety & Quality 

The quality of your laundry will be fresh and clean, will keep your colours bright, an antiseptic especially good for babies eczema and sensitive skin. 

Eco-nomic and Eco-friendly 

This bag contains 250 grams of soap shells that will allow you to have up to150 washes (for full load washing machine use 6 half shells for 4 times) Save up to 50% compared to conventional brands.By using soap shells you will not pollute the water and the used soap shells are 100% biodegradable. 

Aromatherapy & Soap Tree Seed 

The uniqueness of this product is that the soap shells have been scented with pure lavender essential oil. If you hang this 100% cotton bag in your laundry room, the floral fragrance of lavender will purify the atmosphere. The ornamental beads of this bag are the actual seed from the soap nut tree fruit.

Do soapnuts rot? 

No. Soapnuts are not perishable and have a long shelf life. Over time, they will naturally absorb moisture and become dark and sticky if they are exposed to air. This does not affect their cleaning capabilities. To avoid the stickiness, you should keep unused soapnuts in an airtight container for storage. 

Are soapnuts safe for baby’s laundry? 

Soapnuts are 100% natural and they do not contain added chemicals which can often lead to skin irritation in babies and others with skin sensitivities. 

Can soapnuts be used in high-efficiency (or front loading) washing machine? 

Yes! Soapnuts are great for high-efficiency washers as they produce low foam without compromising with the cleaning qualities.

Soapnut Soak can safely replace the chemical detergents at home. 

Soapnut Soak recipe:

Boil four cups of water in a pan with a lid.

Turn off the heat and put 6-8 soapnuts in the pan.

Cover the pan, and let it sit overnight.

The next morning, discard the soapnut shells.

Pour the cooled liquid into a container with a lid.

(Optional) If you’d like your Soapnut Soak to have a scent, add your favorite essential oils. We suggest lemon or tea tree oil for bathroom cleanser, lavender for cold water laundry loads, and Sweet Orange for dishwasher cleaning liquid.


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