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Essence Aromatherapy Oil
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Essential oils and aromatic essences extracted from flowers, fruits, leaves, stalks, woods, roots and resins are a magnificent gift of nature and also a powerful concentrate of energy and vitality. They represent the life-force of plants in their pure states. 

They are a joy to the senses. Their action is aimed at reestablishing and maintaining the harmonious balance of mind, body and spirit, according to an integral vision of well-being. 

Essence Aromathologia products are based on an accurate and precise choice of natural, pure essential oils that have been tested for the qualities they provide of comfort, beauty and pleasure.

The series of twelve Essence Aromathologia Pure Essential Oils is in 10ml bottles, has been made in order to create a comprehensive kit which provides a wide range of applications.


1    Basil
2    Cedarwood
3    Cinnamon
4    Citronella
5    Clove
6    Frankincense
7    Grape Fruit
8    Juniperberry
9    Lemon Grass
10  Myrrh Resinoid
11  Orange Bitter
12  Pepper Mint
13   Pine Silverstries
14   Rosemarry
15   Sambrani